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Our Story

The word living has multiple – closely related – meanings. One of course is the act of being alive. Another meaning is that of inhabiting a place. We think that being alive and inhabiting a place need each other. And once you inhabit a place you inevitably start surrounding yourself with things.

Life is beautiful. La vie est belle. We all try to get the best out of our lives. However, everybody knows that life can have a less fun side to it sometimes. Sometimes, for instance, you need to leave the place you call home for another. That can happen for fun reasons, but sometimes also in less happy circumstances. That’s why we’re called “Sellavie”. C’est la vie, but attempting not being pretentious. At the end of a storm, there’s a golden sky. But it’s all part of life.

With this in mind Jacob and Emiel Zoutewelle took over Broere Meubelen* in Made, The Netherlands in 2019. The underlying thought is that all the items in the store have a story of their own. Just like people. Some perhaps more spectacular than others. The fun thing about giving the items in store a second (or third, fourth, fifth) life is, apart from being more ecologically sustainable, that the store is becoming part of the items’ story. And by that way, a little bit part of the owners’ story as well.

And like that, life just keeps going on.

* Broere Meubelen has been a household name for almost 20 years in Made, The Netherlands, for new and used furniture. Built up from scratch by Wim and Elly Broere. They also took care of house clearances, where the benefit went both ways. People got help when they needed it most, and the store could that way acquire interesting items for sale. Sellavie continues business as usual. Only with a slightly different banner.
In reality the way you live is for a very big part determined by the things you surround yourself with.

Our employees

We like to see you in our store and would love to listen to your story!

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